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Top tips for surviving winter with eczema

(NC) As tough as winter may be on most of us, it can be especially difficult for people suffering from eczema; a chronic itchy non-contagious skin condition. Between the dry air, added clothing and the harsh temperatures, flare-ups can become more frequent, requiring extra care and attention for sensitive skin. Here are some important winter eczema tips for braving the elements.

Pick the right boots for Canadian winters

(NC) Do you try to hold winter at bay by keeping your winter boots packed away until the first snowstorm hits? Although denying the inevitable onset of our harshest season may give you a psychological lift, experts say it's important to get your winter footwear out and thoroughly checked over well before winter arrives with a fury.

Finding time for family breakfast

NC) Did you know that families who eat breakfast together consume more fruit, whole grains and fibre than those who don't? It's also a great alternative to family dinners, which can be difficult to coordinate on busy weeknights. But according to a recent Centrum survey, only a third (33 per cent) of Canadians sit down for breakfast as a family during the week. Most of us (65 per cent of Canadians) eat breakfast alone, on the way out the door, or not at all.

Cooler Temperatures Ideal for Starting a New Health Routine

(NC) Many of us take a break from our health goals over the summer, indulging in lazy weekends and our favourite treats. But with fall sending us back into our regular routines, you can look forward to achieving your goals with a few tips to keep you motivated.

Morning. Skipping breakfast is a bad habit that can lead to weight gain and lower energy. Make sure to grab something easy and nutritious to eat — like whole grain bread or cereal, digestive-boosting yogurt or fresh fruit — you can eat at home, on your commute or at the office.

4 Simple Steps to Help Safeguard Your Health

(NC) Modern medicine leans heavily on antibiotics, which are intended to kill harmful germs in your body. But over time, germs can become resistant to the tools we use against them. What do we do when our medicines don't kill off germs?

Fortunately, you can fight back just by doing these four easy things:

Communities Thrive When You Support Local Businesses

(NC) Minimum wage increases have everyone worrying about how small businesses are going to survive. However you can make a difference with your everyday decisions about where to spend your money. From the coffee shop in the morning, to the landscaper for your garden or the restaurants and the retail stores you go to, you can choose to support a local spot.

To make your community a vibrant one, consider spending your dollars locally. Here are three reasons why it pays to support small businesses where you live.