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Celebrate summer's sweeter side with local berries

During the summer months, Canadians across the country are fortunate to have access to fresh and naturally sweet local berries. Whether you prefer to pick them yourself at a local farm or buy them at a farmers' market or a fresh fruit truck on your way to the cottage, berries easily add the taste of summer to any dessert. Ideal for seasonal baking, berries are also rich in antioxidants and high in flavour.

Busting bladder leak myths

Adult incontinence among women is common and affects one in three women between 18 and 75. We can be squeamish and embarrassed about bodily functions, and so the topic can be difficult to discuss openly, which means many myths abound. But being shy about bladder leaks can negatively affect us: 15 per cent of women who experience urinary incontinence say it affects their work or daily activities moderately or a lot, and six in 10 feel like they're living with a secret.

6 simple sun-safety quick tips

After months of dark, dreary days it's finally time for some fun in the sun – and for many of us this could begin with a refresher on how to keep ourselves and our families sun-safe.

How to stay connected during emergencies

Being able to communicate with family, friends and first responders during any dangerous event is critical. However, the everyday communication devices that we have come to rely on may not work at such a time.

Go camping, here's why

If you're planning a family camping trip soon, you're part of the 62% of Canadians who may have already started their summer adventures.