Teach Your Children the Value of Giving

(NC) If you're a parent or grandparent looking for a gift idea, why not consider making a charitable gift in the child's name? Embedded in philanthropy is often the concept of empathy, a critical social and emotional skill. Many parents who value philanthropy and wish to support the development of empathy in their children want to pass this value on to their kids.

If this is something that you value, it's important to start talking to children about philanthropy early in their lives and continue to have those discussions as they grow.

The holiday season is a perfect time to start or continue this discussion. One way to do this is to set an example for your child. Make a gift in their name to an organization you care about, and explain to them the significance, why you care about the cause and who or what their gift is helping. No matter the size of the gift, involving children in your giving is an essential way to develop empathy and kindness.

It is also empowering for children to explore issues that they care about. You can introduce them to human rights by making a gift to Amnesty International and explaining that your gift will help people around world, protecting them for human rights abuses and fighting for their freedom.

This is a season filled with warmth and joy for a lot of us, so sharing that by making a charitable gift is a wonderful way to show appreciation and set a great example for our children. This will open the discussion around philanthropy, human rights issues, why they should care and what they can do to help.