Prep Your Yard Now for Success Next Growing Season

(NC) Taking a little time to properly prepare your yard for fall and winter can be crucial to ensuring gorgeous plants and foliage in the spring. Follow these simple steps to get your yard in top shape:

1. There's a reason raking your yard is synonymous with fall — layers of dead grass and other materials build up over the summer and can prevent strong grass growth. Rake your yard thoroughly for a good start next spring.

2. Did you know that fall is the best time to do weed control? Weeds continue to gather nutrients and energy that they store during the winter to use in the spring. Apply herbicide to decrease the chance of their survival during the winter.

3. Prune your perennials and trees. Cut back the dead leaves and branches to promote new growth in the spring. Wear your DH3 Jake Straight Stretch jeans from Mark's to ensure you're able to stretch and reach every branch.

4. Fertilizing your lawn in the fall gives it the energy it needs to maintain a healthy root system and bounce back to life in the spring.

5. Clean and cover outdoor furniture and store in a shed if possible. That way, your furniture won't blow away or have to brave the harsh elements head on.